Hotel Industry

An organized collecting, laundering, and timely delivering linen and towels services is essentials to Hotel Industry performance.

In short words:
Fresh towels for your hotel, everyday.

Laundering Process

Large and heavy machines are used with an operator that are highly trained will treated your items responsibly.

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Highly Skilled Workers

Reinforcement of knowledge, to train and develop our highly skilled employees. Resulted the best service for Industrial Laundry in Indonesia!

Hospitality Industry

We serve the best well process laundered linen, towels and uniforms for F&B industry, Sports Clubs, Spas, Hotels, and Hospitals

ProKlin deliver an utmost reliable industrial laundry service with an integrated system of production.

Why ProKlin Laundry?

Skills meet technology

An upfront technology to date match with highly skilled workers. Products and services continuous improvement that will meet our clients business needs.

Local knows best

Owned and managed by the locals, we just known to be the local's best! Laundry workshop located in Central Jakarta, we are highly effective to achieve your location

Delivery distributions

An integrated service from pick up, process, and delivery from and to your company. Taking care of your day-to-day work for industrial laundering.

Simply reliable

Workshop production that is open seven days a week, 12 months a year since 1995. Organized collection and timely delivered to your business hours.